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Baltimore Gamedev Events is a shared calendar created for game developers in the Baltimore, MD area. We are a community run initiative and we encourage anyone to create, import, and edit events.

This site aggregates events so that users can visit a single source to discover interesting activities. Event organizers and participants can share events with the entire community through the calendar. Event planners can also use this site to check for possible scheduling conflicts, allowing them to make smarter decisions. We encourage people to check the site regularly to find out what events they can attend each day.


Baltimore Gamedev Events is an initiative started by the Baltimore chapter of the International Game Developers Association. Since the early 1990's Baltimore has been a host to many established studios, including: Microprose, Firaxis, Day 1, Big Huge, Zenimax, Zynga, Breakaway, Digital Steamworks, and many more. From this rich history, many local educational institutions have established game programs, and many indies from AAA backgrounds have sprung up. The Baltimore IGDA was created in 2006 to assist in facilitating events, professional development, and job placement between these various groups.

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Baltimore Gamedev Events was built using the open source calendar software Calagator.
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